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 Sonshine Acres

Sonshine Acres is a small family-operated Kennel located amidst the gently rolling farmland of central WI. We specialize in providing healthy, well-socialized puppies for families all over the United States. We offer ground transportation through several reputable pet transport specialists, Monday through Friday, and will be supportive every step of the process, doing our best to make the transition from our family to yours easy and stress-free for you and your adorable pet. Call us today to discuss what you want in a puppy and we will certainly be more than happy to talk with you and endeavor to answer your questions. We use several different registries for our parents including American Kennel Club (AKC), American Canine Association(ACA), Continental Kennel Club (CKC)and International Canine Association (ICA). We do not sell puppies on Sunday in order to worship our Creator and spend time with family and friends!



The pug is a delightful canine companion, renowned for its endearing appearance and affectionate demeanor. With its distinctive wrinkled face, short muzzle, and expressive eyes, the pug possesses a charm that captivates the hearts of many. Its compact yet sturdy frame exudes a sense of confidence and playful energy.

This small but mighty breed is brimming with personality. Pugs are known for their playful antics and unwavering loyalty to their human family members. They thrive on companionship and are often found cuddled up next to their owners, seeking warmth and affection. Despite their sometimes stubborn nature, pugs are eager to please and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.

Beyond their charming demeanor, the joy that a pug brings to a household is immeasurable, making them cherished members of families around the world.


Shih Tzus

The Shih Tzu is a small but sturdy breed with a distinctive appearance and a charming personality. Characterized by its long, flowing double coat and expressive face, the Shih Tzu exudes elegance and grace. Their large, round eyes, set beneath a prominent forehead, convey a sense of intelligence and curiosity. With a compact yet well-proportioned body, Shih Tzus move with a confident and dignified demeanor.

Beyond their appearance, Shih Tzus are known for their affectionate and outgoing nature. They thrive on human companionship and form strong bonds with their owners. Despite their regal heritage, Shih Tzus are playful and enjoy engaging in activities with their families. They are known for their gentle temperament and are generally good with children and other pets.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are irresistibly adorable bundles of joy, known for their endearing expressions and playful demeanor. With their expressive eyes, floppy ears, and silky fur, these puppies exude charm from the moment they enter the world. Their soft, feathered coat comes in various colors, including rich chestnut, elegant black and tan, and striking ruby, adding to their undeniable appeal.

Despite their small size, Cavalier puppies possess a confident and outgoing personality. They are eager to explore their surroundings and form strong bonds with their human family members. Known for their gentle nature and affectionate temperament, Cavalier puppies thrive on companionship and enjoy spending time with people of all ages. Whether snuggled up in a cozy lap or romping around the yard with boundless energy, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies bring warmth and joy to any home they enter.

Our Story

We were both raised on local dairy farms. Various animals (including different breeds of dogs and puppies!) were part of our lives from little on up. The dog animal lovers we are it seemed empty without animals about the place when we started housekeeping. Trina, a purebred chihuahua, solved that problem and added some spice to our lives. In 2018 we added the first pugs, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. They were soon followed by more adorable mischievous playful characters in furry coats.

As a family, we enjoy working together to raise healthy well-socialized puppies. It the rewarding to assist helpless squirming newborns to grow into bouncy inquisitive playmates. We start with gentle handling at young ages. Around 4-5 weeks their personalities really emerge and they are ready to explore the world about them. Our sons play with the dogs and puppies daily introducing them to many and varied experiences. Toy dump truck rides, wagon rides, bundling in a blanket for a live dolly, exploring the sandbox, and generally being involved in the latest excitement are typical occurrences.

Sonshine Acres is licensed with USDA (# 35-A-0519) and the State of Wisconsin (#513734). Unannounced inspections and routine veterinarian visits are in place as we strive for optimum health and well being of our dogs and puppies. OFA evaluations on heart and patellas are part of the ongoing pursuit of raising healthy, happy puppies… from our home to yours!

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